Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thai food and more snow

We have recently been frequenting a relatively new (opened sometime in the summer, I think) Thai restaurant on Rimska cesta in Ljubljana. In a rather excessive manner, they call themselves the Thai Inn Pub. Or maybe it's the Thai Pub Inn. Why they didn't just cover all the bases and call themselves the Thai Inn Pub Restaurant and Cafe is beyond me.

Unfortunately, some of the servers are as confused as the restaurant name implies. By this I mean that it is a bit of a crap shoot as to whether you will get your correct meal or not. But the upshot of this situation is that everything on the menu is fantastic, so even if you do not get your intended order, you will still get something yummy. Also, all of the meals are just 6 Euros each. If you live in or are visiting Ljubljana and you have a craving for some good Thai, I definitely recommend it. To me, the flavors are spot-on and properly spicy, not dumbed down for the 'Slovene' palate* as they have been in Da Bu Da. * (Please pardon if I offend anyone. Typical Slovenes don't dig super-spicy food, and we often find that something labeled as 'spicy' does not meet our expectations) As for the new Thai place in BTC, I only know of one person who has eaten there and he got food poisoning...

So, you should go to the Thai Inn Pub Restaurant Cafe Bar and Bistro. I don't think you will be disappointed in the food. The picture above is of one of the servers (one of the good ones), the chef, and the owner.

Another Lj foodie-tip: usually we like to go to Zvezda Bar for desserts, as they are generally out of this world. But last night we went to Dvorni Bar because we wanted a nice glass of wine (or three) and they have a good selection of wines by the glass. BONUS FIND! They have an apple pie/cake that is amazing. It has got a spongy cake-y crust where you would expect a traditional flaky pie crust to be, and this beautiful lemon flavor is infused throughout it. It is excellent. Oh, and it is a huge portion so it is perfect for sharing.

Last weekend we went candlestick bowling, which was a lot of fun. It was strange to bowl with those tiny bowling balls which haven't got any holes -- it reminded me of bocce, but I seem to be better at that. I don't think any of us got a strike (a spare was the best any of us could manage), but I think someone in the lane next to us might have. It was much more difficult than traditional bowling.

Today it is snowing again. It snowed quote a lot on Tuesday of this past week, but then we had some warm weather and a bit of rain so it had all melted in most areas. It has been snowing all day, but since it is only just right around freezing, the snow is only sticking on the trees, grass, cars, etc., but not on the roadways. I suppose now that it is getting dark , that may change overnight.

Tomorrow I am meeting with someone to re-start my Slovene lessons and also get something going for Joe. if you would like to learn something yourself, here is a fun site for you to also learn some Slovene.
And click here to download an online Slovene dictionary.