Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To je sranje!

I will leave you to figure that one out for yourselves. Let it suffice to say that it has been freezing cold and snowing since we came back after our New Year's holidays. When we landed, we were shocked to see all of the snow that had fallen, and --at that moment-- was still falling. I have been complaining ever since then, especially as the cold, snowy weather has persisted. And also I should mention that in Ljubljana there is never any sun, thanks to the 'inversion'... Today, again (*sigh*) it is coming down. But Lucy is happy. And so are the birds. No, we did not get birds as pets -- I mean the wild birds. They have been migrating back in this direction (obviously having been misinformed about the coming of spring) and so they are all chattering to each other in the trees, playing in the snowy branches. It is the beginning of carnival, so maybe that will lighten my mood. But I really think it will take a few more degrees and some sunshine to accomplish this... Oh well, off to work now.

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